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  1. You posted some good information for others looking for health insurance. It is wonderful that you found something you could (kind of) afford. I hope that you will be able to stop working outside of your home/farm I am sure you and your family will be much happier if you can.

  2. Great summary of the three. My parents had one of these while I was in junior high, and I remember it being quite frustrating for my mom with all the paperwork and follow up required.

    I have briefly looked into it as an option for our family, but it doesn’t look like it would save us much off of traditional insurance since we seem to have some reason to see a doctor often. I don’t want to be in a place where I don’t take my son to the doctor because of the potential cost.

    • I have to admit I am nervous…. but right now it seems to be our best option. My Ob gives me a 20% up front discount if we pay cash and our family dr gives 15%. So that should help.

      • Nice. I would ask for bigger discounts. I made sure I had full copies of the bills for my pregnancy and delivery so I could plan ahead if we don’t have as good insurance for the next one. Our insurance gets at least a 30% discount off the billed price.

  3. Oh my! Health insurance is very expensive where you are. I thought I paid much less than that but when I multiplied my monthly payment by 12 I got to 1992 euros per year. I didn’t know that! That’s a lot. It translates to $2600. Wow. I don’t work either. It’s a lot of money.

    It’s so difficult to find the right insurance, it’s not just the money, but also what they do and don’t cover, at least here in the Netherlands, it’s very hard to make straight comparisons. I’m sticking with my insurer, which I so far have been happy with.

  4. I have never heard of these companies and wasn’t even aware that there were Christian insurance companies. I agree that counting on other members to send you the money when you need it could be pretty scary. I wouldn’t choose that one, either. Thanks for this informative post. (I’m sure my first comment was much more clever, but I can’t remember exactly what I said. LOL)

    • They technically are not insurance, but sharing groups. LOL I know what you mean about the clever post. Sorry for the problems!

  5. Insurance is such an expensive need. We are thankful that my husband gets it through work. But we hate spending over $350 a month on a plan that still requires us to pay out $4,000 each year before they pay anything. In the past 3 years we have gotten close a few times but never have gone over to see the benefit.

  6. Insurance certainly is expensive these days. My husband and I, both self-employed, pay an arm and a leg – and they just raised our rates another $106 a month beginning next month!

    • I had insurance in the past that I really liked… but they went from $360ish year 1 to $425ish year 2, $600ish year 3, $900ish year 4 (I was able to get this back to 600ish). It stank! We only had 1 child during that time period.

  7. I didn’t know about these alternatives–thank you for sharing this information! I’m fortunate right now to have decent health insurance through my husband’s job but it hasn’t always been that way.

  8. We are also looking into these plans… but our son has a liver disease so they may not cover him. 🙁
    This is very informative- I had only heard of Medi-Share. Thank you!

  9. This was an interesting post. I have never heard of these health companies and I’ve been a Christian and in the church for 12 years. Thanks for sharing new networks with us.

  10. Thanks for breaking down the differences in these plans! 5 years ago, before I was pregnant, I worked for a non-profit (pregnancy center) that didn’t offer insurance. We looked at all of these options and went ahead and decided to go with a high deductible plan w/o maternity. We didn’t plan on getting pregnant that year, but if we did we wanted to use a midwife and thought we’d pay out of pocket.

    You can imagine the next part of the story. We did get pregnant, and sadly hadn’t realized that the laws in our state made it impossible for most midwives to practice outside of a hospital. We went with a free-standing birth center and started paying out of pocket. The birth center ended up having financial trouble and closing when I was 36 weeks.

    We were left with the dilemma of traveling to another state to labor so we could do it legally, or finding an OB we trusted in 4 weeks and delivering at a hospital. B/C it was my first birth, we went with the latter. In the end I needed a blood transfusion and stayed past the 24/48 hour mark for self-pay. Our bills totalled 10’s of thousands of dollars. We filed for state assistance and used that to pay our bills even though we’d hoped to avoid it.

    We are so thankful that by the time baby #2 (and now #3) came along, my husband had a job that offered good insurance. However, if that wasn’t the case we’d definitely sign up for one of the above plans. As it is, our insurance will only pay half of the expenses for our current midwife, so we’re paying $3000 (at least, assuming all goes well) out of pocket for this birth.

    We have a couple of friends who use Samaritan and I’ve heard good things about them from both. I don’t have any personal experience with the others, but it really does sound like you are making the best choice for your family considering you know you’ll need surgery!!

  11. I am planning on working part-time instead of full-time in the fall and insurance is definitely on my mind. The cost for my son to be on my husband’s insurance is about the same as mine. The cost to add me sends it skyrocketing. I didn’t know about these alternatives so I thank you for sharing!

  12. I am so thankful everyday that we have health insurance through my husband’s work. So many people don’t. We have some members of our family with health problems so we really need insurance. Glad you found something to work for your families needs.

  13. Ahhhh medical expenses. We have great insurance and still pay about 40% of our take home pay to health care and special edcucation costs.

    I believe it when they say that medical expenses are the number one reason for bancruptcy!


  14. I am so glad I found this post. My husband just had a very expensive hospital visit. We haven’t got all the bills yet but the ones we do have add up to 53k. We are looking to get health insurance to cover any future expenses.

  15. My husands work pays for his insurance completely so me and the boys have our own policy. It’s not that great of a policy but it covers all the boys well visits which is nice.

  16. We have a goal of me quitting my job and working with my husband (he is self-employed). I have been shopping insurance and found a few reasonable plans (we are done having children). I am worried about coverage. We have two people we know who had their own plans and everything they submitted was denied, even simple lab work! They were told it was all “pre-existing conditions” even though it wasn’t.
    Ugh. Scary!

  17. I really appreciate this post! As a fellow believer, I could at some point also be looking into these same options as an alternative to health insurance. I love your approach in showing the pros and cons of each.

  18. My husband, myslef and my 10 month old baby girl are all VERY fortunate because my employer offers good health insurance options. When I was reading this post (and I consider myself affluent in Health Care plans and programs – I have my health insurance license) I was shocked that your employer offers such a low grade plan. I was not surprised that it was really expensive and was not surprised that there weren’t any options because I am assuming the size of the company is very small, but 60/40 and a $2,500 cap per incident including maternity — my heart just broke for your family. I am very pleased that you took action and researched alternatives and found a good option for your family. It is very sad that an employer would ever offer that option as any type of solution. We all deserve better than that!

  19. I’m glad to know that there are alternatives out there if something ever happened to our insurance plan. We pay a lot for it, but it gives us peace of mind to know that it is there if anything happens to the kids or to us.

  20. Health insurance is so expensive! We had to buy our own insurance for several years, so I understand how pricey it is. Fortunately, with my husband’s current job we are covered. I’m so glad you have found an alternative that will work for your family! That’s great!

  21. I had heard of Samaritan, but not the others. Thank you for the comparison.
    Good to know there is more than one out there.

    Glad you found one to fit your needs, or at least one that best fit your needs. Health Insurance is a big issue with not working, either by choice when you are young or because of retirment when you are older.

    I hope it works out for you and you are able to stay home to help out and take care of your family.

  22. Health ins. is such a pain! My husband just got a new job,and the insurance offered through his employer isn’t much less than what we would pay just getting it ourselves. Sigh.

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